5 Romantic Honeymoon Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

Planning a wedding can be stressful and can cost a lot of money. You need to take a vacation to unwind and start your new life together so make sure that you save enough money to relax for a week or more on your honeymoon. One place to consider where you can see diverse ecosystems, escape for a romantic getaway and do lots of exciting things is Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is located just south of India and although it was in turmoil up until 2009 it is fast becoming a world-class tourist destination. There is everything from five star resorts, luxury tents, boutique hotels; treehouses, to basic huts and many places offer complimentary services for couples on their honeymoons. Everyone does not have the same idea of the perfect honeymoon so here are five options for couples to explore when you are creating the perfect beginning to your new life together.

1. Beaches


There are top-notch beaches with white sand on the south, west and east coasts. Choose the kind of beach vacation that you most enjoy. You can travel to the ever-popular Arugam Bay and try your hand at surfing or if you simply want to relax in a hammock head to the more laid back area of Uppuveli an area still untouched by development. You can also go whale watching, and see sea turtles laying eggs – a perfect way to spend your summer holidays.

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2. Jungle Escapes

Jungle Escapes

Escape into the jungle where you can see interesting flora and fauna, animals, reptiles, and insects. You can also visit ancient relics of the Buddhist and Hindu civilization. You can go hiking, take a cycle tour, take jeep tours or hire a local guide yourself. Spend your nights relaxing in the serenity of your hotel far off of the beaten track pulau tidung.

3. Tea Plantations

Tea Plantations

Visit a tea plantation and experience a luxury tea vacation relaxing in the birthplace of Ceylon Tea. Stay in your own private guesthouse and explore the surrounding areas by day. Spend your nights relaxing in tranquility, watching the stars, and planning your future together.

4. Cultural History

Cultural History

There are many points of interest for history buffs to enjoy. Anuradhapura Temple was constructed during Anuradhapura’s 1000 years of rule over Sri Lanka and it is full of statuesque dagobas, ancient temples and pools, and soaring brick towers. Some of the sacred sites are still in use today. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Dambulla Caves is a series of five caves that host a true monument to the workings of Gautama Buddha.

5. Safari and Working with Elephants

Safari and Working with Elephants

For animal lovers there is plenty to see on a holiday to Sri Lanka. You can work with rescued elephants and help feed, socialize and wash them. You can also take a safari at Udawalawe National Park and see wild elephants, buffalo, sambar deer, crocodiles or maybe even a leopard or two. There are over 300 varieties of snake, 200 varieties of birds and many different kinds of insects so keep your eyes peeled as you roam along.

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