Concessionary Rail Travel in Scotland

Several Things Related to the Concessionary Rail Travel in Scotland

Similar to the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme, Scotland also has its own service. It is the Scottish National Entitlement Card or (NEC) where the concessionary rail travel in Scotland becomes one of the features. This Scotland-wide smart card is run by the Scottish Government and it majorly works as the travel pass although it also can be used as the Proof of Age for the youngster to access the civic services. On the other side, it has several differences with the British concessionary services actually. Some rules only allow the Scottish to enjoy the feature of it, yet it will also bring no harm for us to know several details about it.

Different with the British concessionary services, the Scottish’s tends to prioritize the disabled group and people aged 60 or over to use the offered facility. There are various transport options where the concessionary rail travel in Scotland only becomes one of the accommodation offered by the Scottish NEC. However, their requirements seem to be more specified and it sounds a bit complicated, although the criteria are quite general actually.

For the disabled they only have to meet one of the numerous criteria and there is still companion card for the cardholder. It allows the companion of the cardholder to receive the same discount though.

For the people who are 60 or over, to get the concessionary rail travel in Scotland is quite simple. They only have to be 60 or over and also become the resident in Scotland.

Concessionary Rail Travel in Scotland

Almost all of the authorities are available for the card issue such as Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Angus, Edinburg or the Comhairle nan Eilean Siar City Council. There are 33 in total of the city council which provide this public transport service. However, the Dundee city is not available for the rail transport.

There is still the Young Scot NEC from the Scottish Government where it offers support and advice to 11 up to 26 year olds. The government offers the free Young Scot NEC in this case and gives the chance for every 12 up to 18 year old to sign up. Beside of the concessionary rail travel in Scotland, it also gives the youngsters numerous facilities such as authorized Proof of Age cad for getting the restricted item like films or alcohol, discount for several local and national deals. However, for the transportation concession requires the certain age to get the volunteer full time first.