A Marvelous Honeymoon in Malaysia

With wedding season approaching, it appears that all arrangements are on track (or at least as well as they can be with so many moving parts), but you’ve held off setting your plans for the final component: the all-important honeymoon. Others in your family and your circle of friends have typically chosen well-worn cliches when it came to their post-wedding getaway.

While staying on a beach at a cookie cutter resort is that your dear loved ones desired, you and your partner have much more adventurous and exotic tastes. You would both be unsatisfied and bored quite frankly with a two week stay in such a place, so you have decided to do something different.

Having spent your entire lives growing up in this profoundly predictable environment, the two of you have discussed breaking this conformist mold heading somewhere far more exciting … like Malaysia. Inspired by the stories told by your brother, the wandering backpacker, you have researched this fascinating nation in Southeast Asia, and have decided to take the plunge.


Combining modern infrastructure with more traditional ways of life, this country has much to offer honeymooners looking for a holiday that offers a seductive culture, while having all the comforts of home close at hand. To get an ides of what your honeymoon in Malaysia could look like, follow along our sample itinerary below, and begin dreaming of a holiday that will inevitably end up in your personal record books at one of the best you’ve undertaken.

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Start off by lazing your days away on a relaxing hammock on one of the many sanguine beaches that can be found on Langkawi, Malaysia’s marquee island Pesisir. Getting your beach time in the beginning was part of your plan, as you don’t hate lying on beaches, you just are loathe to think of it as your only option for enjoyment on holiday. While alcohol is quite expensive in most of Malaysia, Langkawi’s duty-free status results in its hooch being dramatically cheaper than the mainland, so don’t be afraid to kick a few back.

Looking to experience a million dollar view? Then don’t forget to ride the cable car to the top of Gunung Machincang, one of the island’s highest mountains, to see the million different shades of blue create a tropical masterpiece in the Andaman Sea below.


After allowing the frenzy that reigned during your wedding week to melt away after an extended stay on Langkawi, turn your focus to Penang, another Malaysian island closer to the mainland that is arguably the food epicentre of all Southeast Asia. Wander the colonial streets of Georgetown admiring the impeccable restoration work done on the many shophouses, while stopping at food courts, street carts and restaurants to enjoy countless varieties of Chinese, Indian, and Malay standards that will please your taste buds in a manner that no other culinary experience has done for you before.

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Once you have calmed the gastronomic beast within, finish off your exotic Malaysian honeymoon by enjoying an extended bout of shopping in Kuala Lumpur, one of the region’s best places to seek out goods of all types. Whether you both seek to pit each others haggling skills against each other on Jalan Petaling in Chinatown, or you seek to blow your wedding gift money on something totally shiny and impractical at Suria KLCC, you are sure to find an experience that you will both enjoy.

As you can see, many indelible experiences await you in Malaysia. The above itinerary is but a small sample of what you could choose to do in this diverse country, but by following it to the letter, you are nonetheless certain of having a honeymoon to remember.