Special Luxury Train Journeys in Europe

Luxury Train Journeys in Europe have the idea of luxury travels in train. This travelling idea isn’t similar with modern train travelling idea. You will not move by speed. The train will take you for several days trip that allow you to enjoy natural view along the way. The comfort on such train is first class. It is almost similar with spending time in a comfortable carriage that gives you the best service for anything you need.

Orient express is one of these luxury trains. It takes you from London to Venice. The journey takes two days and you can see various places that displayed in different point of view. Places you will see during the trip are London, Paris, the Swiss Alps, the Italian Dolomites, and Venice. In 20th century the train becomes the favorite men of transportation for royals and celebrities.

Some of train interior is the original decoration but several additions applied to make the train comfortable in modern way. Your private cabin can be transformed onto bedroom. An experienced steward will see to this need while you enjoy piano plays in the bar. You need to display yourself carefully since casual appearance isn’t acceptable in this Luxury Train Journeys in Europe. Cocktail dress and bow tie is required to pass the dress code.

Special Luxury Train Journeys in Europe

At the beginning of this trip you wouldn’t start at orient express board. You should take British Pullman cars to get to a coach that will transfer you to Orient express. British Pullman interior appearance is somewhat similar with Orient express, so you can take it as preview. The motor coach is more of the functionality. You don’t need to bring anything on it since your luggage have different route.

You will spend 30 minutes on the motor coach. The trip is necessary to pass Eurotunnel and meet Orient Express in the end of your journey. You will start your rip in Orient Express from Calais to Venice. You can have a choice to stop further. Some of the available choice is Rome, Prague, and Istanbul. It will require different fare and the service may be transferred to a hotel.

The stay on hotels is necessary since some important service for long journeys isn’t available in the Luxury Train Journeys in Europe. The bathing facilities can’t be found in this train. You do have mahogany washbasin but you can’t bath there. Try to enjoy your stay in the hotel or just use it for your bathing needs.