IYT International Certificate of Competency (ICC)


No of Days: 1 Day

Price: $250

Exam: 1 written exam and 1 practical

Qualification: IYT International Certificate of Competency

The IYT ICC is a certified level of competency that is now mandatory if you wish to charter a boat in certain European countries. It is generally required for the inland and coastal waters of Mediterranean countries. In Northern Europe and Scandinavia the ICC is generally not required, but it is strongly advised you check with any European, Scandinavian, or Eastern European country that you wish to charter in before you leave.

Most of our Bareboat Skipper students, complete this course while out on the water within their course timeline. 

IYT now have an online e-learning course available for students to study and execute theory examinations before proceeding to an authorised IYT Training Provider to undertake the written and practical examinations. To access these courses, complete your student registration on, receive your IYT Student number and log in. International Certificate of Competency online prep courses are available from our new elearning courses. We suggest you thoroughly read the information on this entire page which offers detailed information on the ICC.

Our IYT instructors are patient and have a lot of experience, excited to share their knowledge with you,  they will teach you in a relaxed and friendly way. From the moment you step aboard you will be encouraged to play an active part on the boat together with the other students.

This course is usual a 1 day course, $250 per person. Some students chose to take 2 days to complete their ICC, as they like to revise the course materials and get confident;  we are always flexible and happy to offer what you need. Please contact us to discuss options. 


ICC Course Details

- Preparation for sea - Checklist and mechanical checks
- Short Passage - each candidate executes a short pre-planned passage as skipper where testing of the following is required:
              Coming alongside / berthing / un-berthing
              Man overboard recovery
              360 degree turn
              3 point turn
              Navigation skills
              Handling under sail (for sail endorsement)
- Theory examinations cover the following subjects:
              Collision regulations
              Navigation lights
              Shapes and sounds
              Buoyage (IALA A & B)
             Harbour pilotage
             VHF Radio
             Variation & deviation
             Chartwork /symbols & abbreviations
             Tides- height of tide and drying height
             Basic position fixing
             Course to steer to counteract tide or current
             Set & drift / leeway
             Pilotage- required for coastal knowledge

Click Here For the IYT ICC Course notes.


9.30 am Arrive at our classroom in Soper’s Hole Marina to meet your fellow students and instructor. After completing your IYT paperwork, your instructor will take you to your boat.

 Safety is very important; your instructor will go over all the safety procedures with you, then you and the other students will help get your instructor to get the boat ready to sail out! After lunch on board,  you will do your written exam and work through the practical test. 

 The day will end at around 5pm, there will be an informal de-brief with your instructor, as we are very eager to know how you experienced your course!

 Relaxing after a hard days sailing

Relaxing after a hard days sailing


Sailing always means living in close quarters, some recommendations on what to bring aboard:

  • Wear comfortable airy clothes  (t-shirt & shorts advised. Long sleeves if you want to cover up from the sun when stood at the helm)
  • Deck or soft shoe
  • Sunglasses, hat and sunscreen/block 
  • Mosquito spray 
  • Bathing suit 
  • Towel
  • Travel insurance 
  • A logbook to sign of your sailing miles


Who may obtain and ICC?

*These rules have just changed - please email us or complete our contact form so we can advise you.

IYT Worldwide has been approved the MCA. (Maritime and Coastguard Agency of Great Britain) for many years to issue ICC's to United Kingdom passport holders and various other countries on their approved list.

The applicant must:

- be 16 years of age or older
- be physically and mentally fit to operate a pleasure craft, and in particular, must have sufficient powers of vision and hearing
- have successfully passed a written and practical examination or prove the necessary competence for pleasure craft operation by holding an acceptable IYT Worldwide certificate.

If  you have any questions please complete the form below or call us Toll Free: 1 (800) 390 7594

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