IYT Fast-Track International Bareboat Skipper 


No of Days: 12 Days, 11 night live aboard (All breakfasts, lunches and 5 evening meals onboard)

Price: $3,995

Exam: 1 written exam and 1 practical

Qualification: IYT Bareboat Skipper 

Always wanted to charter and command your own sailing boat for your private sailing vacation with family and friends? Would you like to learn these skills in a sunny, safe and relaxed environment? Then this is the course for you!

Our 12 day IYT Fast-track to Bareboat Cruising course combines the IYT courses right from Introduction to Crew Training right to International Bareboat Skipper to become a confident and certified skipper in a very limited time frame. Through the fast-track to International Bareboat Skipper you will learn how to become a competent captain in a fun and safe environment. Completing this course will result in an internationally recognized IYT certification to skipper a keelboat or catamaran (if training is done on such) up to 78 feet in length during a multi-day cruise.

 You do not need any prior certification to complete this IYT Fast-track to International Bareboat Skipper. Any experience on boats will help towards this successfully completing this course, if you have no prior sailing experience it will be a tough course but with preparation of the theory before hand and a motivated attitude it can certainly be done! If you feel unsure if this course is suitable for you please contact us with any questions, we are very happy to tailor-make this experience for you, some previous students have booked the course with 2 weeks sailing, so they get more practical practice time and build their confidence.

Our professional IYT certified instructors are patient and have a lot of experience, they will teach you’ in a relaxed and friendly way. From the moment you step aboard you will be encouraged to play an active part on the boat together with the other students



- Crew safety checks                                          - Hull and rig checks
- Machinery and systems checks                       - Fuel and water capacity and range
- Menus and quantities                                       - Float plan
- Sources of meteorological information            - Weather patterns
- Sea and land breezes                                      - Cloud types and formations
- Pilotage and passage planning                       - Considerations when planning a passage
- Routine for navigating a coastal passage        - Passage strategy
- Port regulations, customs, immigration            - Pilotage plans
- Vessel handling in confined quarters              - Mooring, anchoring, coming alongside
- Ropes, knots, care and use of lines                 - General deck work
- Tides and currents theory                                - Tidal heights, springs and neaps
- Rule of "twelfths"                                              - Position fixing, running fixes
- Plotting the effect of tides and currents          - Collision regulations
- Lights, shapes and sounds                              - Application of the regulations    

Please download your course notes here (1 & 2 below), we advise that you have read Course notes 1, before you join your course, this will really help you get the best out of the practical sailing)

Course notes 1 (International Crew Training)

Course notes 2 (International Bareboat Skipper)


Sailing means living in close quarters so please try to travel light. Please do not bring any hard, big suitcases with wheels that are difficult to store. A backpack or sports/duffel bag would be best. 

Some recommendations on what to bring aboard:

  • Comfortable airy clothes  (t-shirt & shorts advised. Long sleeves if you want to cover up from the sun when stood at the helm)
  • Deck or soft shoe
  • Sunglasses, hat and sunscreen/block 
  • Mosquito spray 
  • Bathing suit 
  • Wash kit 
  • Towel
  • Travel insurance 
  • A logbook to sign of your sailing miles
  • (And dollars- ATMs aren't very reliable)


 Relaxing after a hard days sailing

Relaxing after a hard days sailing


Command of a vessel up to a maximum length of 78 ft /24 metres
- In coastal waters up to 20 miles offshore
- In daylight hours and in fair conditions with moderate wind and sea conditions

This certificate is the level of competence that one needs when chartering a boat in the Mediterranean or West Indies where there are restrictions in terms of cruising area and distance from the base and the vessel has to be safely moored in a marina or anchored before dark. (For sailing in other parts of Europe you will need your IYT ICC license - please ask us for more information)

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