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Tortola Sailing and Sights (previously Tortola Sailing School) is owned and run by sailors passionate about sharing their sailing knowledge with you. From complete beginners wanting to learn the ropes, to salty sailors who want to build miles, we welcome everyone. 

We want to show you the beauty of the British Virgin Islands while you learn new sailing skills, in a calm, safe and friendly environment. We also have the opportunity to take students sailing to many different Caribbean islands, on our down island passages, stopping to check out secluded beaches and diving spots along the way. 

We offer courses from the ASA (American Sailing Association) and IYT (International Yacht Training). We offer both live aboard and classroom courses, so we will work with you to ensure you complete the right course for you, whether your goal is to learn new skills to be a great crew member, or you want to skipper your own yacht with friends and family.

Talk to us for advise on courses, airlines, hotels, ferries etc. so we can make your planning easier, and your vacation to British Virgin Islands a trip to remember. 

“The BVI is the only place to be as everyone always has a smile on their face, it is the best sailing playground in the world!”
— Captain Martin
 Sopers Hole, home to Tortola Sailing & Sights classroom, office and boats

Sopers Hole, home to Tortola Sailing & Sights classroom, office and boats

 Sopers Hole Marina when the sun goes down

Sopers Hole Marina when the sun goes down

Odysseus was an inspiring character. His odyssey defined my thoughts on sailing. A long, complicated journey/quest with a goal, both spiritually and psychologically challenging and where a series of experiences give knowledge and understanding to someone. Sailing is just that; an odyssey. Once you start, your journey will never end. Every day is different, an opportunity to learn - every change of wind or tide means new doors open to new locations, every course an opportunity to react to natures challenges. Learning about ourselves and the planet we live on.”
— Matt, Captain at Tortola Sailing & Sights on 'FALLING IN LOVE WITH SAILING'