Best Family Attractions On Island Of Java, Indonesia

If you are an adventurous family when it comes to travel, then making plans to have a holiday on the island of Java in Indonesia will prove to be one of the best trips that you’ve taken to date.

While there are plenty of historical and natural attractions that one can partake in on this endlessly interesting island, it is helpful to have a variety of kid-friendly attractions in your back pocket to keep your little ones engaged.

Below, we have suggestions that will keep your kids interested no matter where you find yourself in Java…

1. Ciputra Waterpark, Surabaya

Ciputra Waterpark, Surabaya

The heat in eastern Java can be oppressive at the best of times. When you are traveling as a family in this part of Indonesia, it helps to have a place like Ciputra Waterpark for when your kids start to get cranky from the humidity.

Boasting an inventive play area for young children, a lazy river, many thrilling water slides, and a gigantic wave pool, there are plenty of amusements that are available here for children of all ages.

There are plenty of exciting rides for the adults as well, making the choice to come here a very smart decision indeed.

If you are looking for a great place to stay while in the area, Artotel Surabaya will prove to be a great choice for your clan, as its boutique design will appeal to your sensibilities, while the 24-hour room service will provide an easy solution if your children should suddenly crave a snack between meal times.

If this hotel isn’t suitable for your budget, there are many other choices available on travel booking websites that will be a better fit for what you can afford.

2. Jumog Waterfall, Solo

Jumog Waterfall, Solo

Want to take your children out into nature without having to go on a long arduous hike into the jungle? Taking them to see Jumog Waterfall while in the Solo area is an ideal opportunity to do just that, as it is easily accessed from the highway.

Situated 40 kilometers away from the center of Solo, the day trip that you take to get out here will be well worth the effort, as witnessing this massive cascade of water falling over a cliff face that towers 100 meters high will inspire your kids to seek out nature in a more proactive way.

3. Gembira Loka Zoo, Yogyakarta

Gembira Loka Zoo, Yogyakarta

If you find yourself in Yogyakarta on your family holiday, take time out from historical and cultural sightseeing to see a kid-friendly attraction known as the Gembira Loka Zoo.

Here, one can find a variety of animals that are endemic to the islands of Indonesia, including the infamous Komodo dragon.

Well known for the quality of its gardens, those that have a green thumb will also enjoy their visit here.

4. Trans Studio Bandung, Bandung

Trans Studio Bandung

Though the majority of the attractions of Bandung relate to the tea plantations and strawberry farms that can be found in the countryside surrounding the city, it is also known for having the world’s largest indoor amusement park.

Trans Studio Bandung is a great place to take your kids on a rainy day in this city, as its focus on pop culture and its excellent 4D rides will entertain your gang from start to finish.