An Exhilarating Vegas Honeymoon

Ah, Las Vegas! Long celebrated as the entertainment capital of the world for adults looking for a wild time, it has seen more than its share of singles looking to enjoy decadent food, party and attempt to get rich on the turn of a card over the years. As well, legions of seniors looking to take in a show and spend countless hours waiting for aces at the poker table have also embraced this city as a choice destination.

Despite its reputation for catering to the edgier aspects of travel over time, can Vegas also be viable locale for those looking to relax after tying the knot? As a city that constantly reinvents itself to keep the tourist cash flowing, the answer to that question is a resounding yes, as Las Vegas holidays that cater to young lovebirds have developed in recent years.

After booking a flight through travel experts like Thomas Cook, your biggest concern won’t be what the two of you will do when you hit the ground, but being able to pick between a wide variety of tantalizing options.

To narrow the focus for you, we have chosen three potential honeymoon adventures that will appeal to couples looking to have an exhilarating honeymoon in Las Vegas. Check them out below, and enjoy!

1. The outdoorsy couple

The outdoorsy couple

If getting out into the great outdoors is a common interest that the two of you share, Las Vegas is a well-positioned destination, as it is located within visual range of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Red Rock Canyon is within easy reach of the city center, where you can hike and rock climb many sublime red sandstone formations.

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If you enjoy laying out by a glistening lake, Lake Mead is an excellent place to swim, sail and mix with Las Vegan locals. If you visit during the winter, skiing is possible well up in the Sierras at Mount Charleston, where its elevation at 2,600 meters allows snow to fall during the colder months.

Finally, if you have the stamina for a longer trip, the Grand Canyon is a day long trip that will afford you the opportunity to peer into the world’s deepest river canyon, and quite possibly, get you both to contemplate your place on this Earth.

2. The deeply-in-love romantic couple

The deeply-in-love romantic couple

If you can barely keep your hands off each other, there are many places in Vegas that will only drive you further into each others arms. Start with a slow but sumptuous French dinner at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, located with the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, which boasts numerous five star reviews for its exemplary service, not to mention its top shelf cuisine.

After a relaxing meal, head off to see one of the highly regarded shows playing around town, whether it is the mysterious Cirque De Soleil, the high entertaining Blue Man Group, or the razor sharp wit and lightening quick hands of Penn and Teller.

Finish off your night by admiring the fountain show at the Bellagio, one of the most fabulous displays of its kind in the world.

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3. The alternative, off-beat couple

The alternative, off-beat couple

If you and your love march to the beat of a distinctively different drummer, then Las Vegas has you fully covered in your pursuit of quirky and unusual attractions. Start by checking out one of two mob museums, either on the Strip, or in downtown Vegas. While corporations control the gaming industry in town today, Vegas was prodded along and controlled in the earlier days by elements of organized crime families … these museums allow you to peer into their world during the golden age of Vegas.

If you spent a lot of time at the arcade as a teenager, then visiting the Pinball Hall of Fame will make you let out an involuntary squeal upon entry. Containing over 200 machines spanning the ages from the early days to the present, not only can you observe the changes over the ages, but you can actually play most of them … OMG!

Before you board you return flight home, ensure that you go on a day trip to Area 51, which profiles what knowledgeable tour guides know about the military history of the former top secret installation, and its potential connection with alien life.

Las Vegas has something for everyone … literally

Las Vegas has something for everyone

In the beginning, Las Vegas had little appeal except for those who wanted to bet money in hopes of hitting streaks and making a quick buck. Vegas has diversified relentlessly over the years, and in today’s world, there is so much for anyone to do so that any couple looking for an enjoyable honeymoon can book a vacation at Wisata Danau Toba with the comfort of knowing that it will something will make their first trip. as a truly impressive married couple.

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