How To Best Enjoy The Turks And Caicos As A Family

Looking for a new escape from winter? Spare a thought for the Turks and Caicos, as this island chain is off the radar of most tourists.

With an easygoing vibe that is getting harder to find these days, you should pay a visit before things change.

Below, we’ll share the best accommodation options, activities, sights, and places to eat for families visiting the Turks and Caicos.

Where To Stay:

Where To Stay

You might be thinking about staying at a hotel or resort like you usually do when headed to a sun destination, but there are many Turks and Caicos villas that might actually be a better solution for you and your family.

Unlike the former accommodation option, you won’t be sharing a wall with people in other rooms, so you’ll avoid the problem of noise from party goers disturbing your kids.

Conversely, you’ll avoid the awkwardness of incurring grief from other people if your little ones make your noise than they are willing to tolerate.

In addition to the privacy that having your own villa will provide, there are other features which make them superior to staying at a resort.

A villa feels more like home, making it easier for you and your kids to truly unwind. They offer superior views of various locations on the island (if you can, try to nab a villa in the Chalk Sound area) from an exterior deck which contain amenities like pools, BBQ grills, and hot tubs.

Inside, they have state-of-the-art electronics which will make it easy to keep your children occupied until it is time to put them to bed.

If they don’t like sitting still, many have game rooms with features like billiards and air hockey tables which will invite them to use up their excess energy, making it easier for them to fall asleep when the time comes.

What To See/Do:

What To See

While the Turks and Caicos don’t have the splashy attractions one usually finds in places like the Mayan Riviera, there are plenty of lower key sights and activities which will fill your day with all the action that you and your family desires.

If you have older children that are up for an outdoor adventure with plenty of mind blowing visuals, rent some kayaks and slip them into the water at Chalk Sound National Park.

A creamy lagoon filled with stunning rocky islets, you’ll alternate your time between paddling around them and slipping out of your kayaks for an impromptu swim.

The water is shallow throughout, but be sure to wear PFD’s and slather up with waterproof sunscreen in order to play safe.

If you want a professional to lead you through a fun day spent on the water, consider going on a Pirate Adventure Cruise.

The people behind this day excursion will take you on a journey which will have you exploring caves where pirates allegedly hid their booty (and themselves) from the authorities.

It comes with a proper BBQ lunch, and throughout the day, the glass-bottomed surface of this boat will give you an alluring view of the coral reefs beneath your feet.

Looking to learn something together? Head over to the world’s only commercial conch farm. Creating one of the Caribbean’s best-known sea molluscs via the miracles of aquaculture, this place is hoping to stave off the loss of this well-loved source of food by starting the move away from scavenging it in the wild.

Displays here will take you through the life cycles of these curious creatures, plus you’ll get a chance to touch these guys while they are still alive.

Want to your kids to learn something and have fun, while you get to have some badly-needed alone time with your spouse? Sign them up for a day camp through SURFside Ocean Academy, which will teach them how to paddle board, kite surf, SCUBA dive, and swim.

They also take them on tours around the islands, so they’ll be having the time of your life while you sip daiquiris with your partner in the hot tub back at the villa.

Finally, we would not be doing our jobs if we didn’t talk about some of the best beaches one can enjoy on this island. Grace Bay Beach is the most prominent of the bunch, as its crystal clear water and miles of perfect sand have led many to dub it one of the best beaches in the world.

Long Bay Beach is also a popular spot, as its consistent sea breezes make kite surfing a realistic endeavour for many.

If you are searching for a quiet beach that is flawless in appearance, though, we suggest going to Taylor Bay Beach, as the lack of hotels in this residential area ensure that it will be just you, your kids, and a handful of extra people in this special place.

Where To Eat:

Where To Eat

Want to dine out, but don’t know which places are best suited to families in the Turks and Caicos? On Providenciales, Shay Cafe & Lounge is where you’ll want to have most of your meals. Best known for their amazing breakfasts, your kids will just love their crepes, as the Nutella and strawberry are eagerly embraced by their younger customers.

On Grand Turk, the Sandbar Restaurant provides a stunning backdrop for a home-cooked lunch or dinner. Of all the options on the menu, the fish and chips and the key lime pie receive the most enthusiastic of reviews.