Breathtaking Canadian National Parks For The Adventurous Couple

As winter finally slips into back recesses of our collective memories, the more northerly reaches of the world are awakening from their slumber. Flowers are starting to bloom, the final caches of snow from plowed parking lots are almost depleted, and north of the 49th parallel in North America, the national parks of Canada getting ready for the summer season to come.

Those that are planning weddings this summer are also in the home stretch of their preparations, as many a last minute scramble will be unfolding in the weeks to come. There are many aspects of the day to plan, but with the weather due to vastly improve north of the border, your honeymoon plans can both be easy and memorable.

So long as you are the couple that are taken aback by breathtaking mountain scenery, then flying the coop to one of the many dramatic gorgeous national parks that can be found in the Great White North will allow you to quickly and effectively plan a post-nuptial holiday that will be worthy of the strength of your love for each other.

To speed this process even further, we have chosen three national parks from across Canada that will give you a honeymoon that will be spoken of in fond memory for decades to come. Let’s go over them now…

1. Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Ever look at pictures of the Pacific Coast and get seduced by the long beaches with firm sand that stretch on forever, with rugged rocks and crashing surf completing the spellbinding atmosphere? If this appeals to you and your future hubby strongly, then heading to Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, a park which protects coastal rainforest and the marine areas offshore on the Pacific facing west coast of Vancouver Island.

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Take on a new sport together, as you fumble and wipeout in a comical manner at Long Beach, all under the patient and watchful eye of experienced surf instructors. When the soreness of this endeavour strikes a day later, a boat trip among coastal peaks shooting up straight from the ocean will take you to the antidote for your achiness, as they will take you to a place called Hot Springs Cove, a natural thermal bath that is mere steps from the crashing sea below.

2. Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park

Seeking the quintessential Canadian Rockies experience, but the spectre of massive amounts of tourists scaring you a bit? Then a trip to Jasper National Park instead of Banff is a way to avoid that scenario (half the amount of traffic), especially when one takes the trip in June or September. Jasper is a smaller, yet more authentic town, as the railway employs half the population, lending it an air of permanence, as opposed to the transient nature of places more dependent on tourism.

The views are no less impressive up here, as the iconic Mount Edith Cavell towers over the Athabasca Valley, coated in a snowpack that lasts all year round. Maligne Lake is an excellent day trip from town, as the lake is one of the most photographed places in the Rockies, and the boat tour is nothing less than a visually stunning trip into the heart of a box canyon filled with glaciated peaks.

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3. Gros Morne National Park

Gros Morne National Park

The parks of Eastern Canada often fly under the radar compared to their western cousins, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t world class views to be had here either. Gros Morne National Park protects some of the most rugged and beautiful mountainous territory in Atlantic Canada on the base of the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland. Here, there is a landlocked fjord called Western Brook Pond that possesses some of the purest water in the world, and a boat tour here will take you to some spectacular waterfalls that will make you feel as if you are in a dream, wisata bali.

The Tablelands should also make your “to see” list here, as its exposed mantle gives the area an appearance of a moonscape and Arizona all rolled into one, as the compounds in the reddish mantle soil is largely hostile to plant life.

Let Canada’s Natural Beauty Kick Start Your Marriage

Canada's Natural Beauty

After the knot has been tied between you and your boo this summer, avoid rainy season in the tropics and experience the raw natural beauty of Canada during the best of the year for weather in that country. Doing this will allow you to see a classic destination in the world, while spending the first few weeks of your married life in a modern country filled with friendly, hospitable people.