3 Brazilian Islands For A Beautiful Honeymoon

There’s just something about the Brazilian joie de vivre that inherently makes this place conducive to romance. Combined with the fact that the vast majority of this massive nation is situated in the tropics/subtropics, along with a coastline that is strewn with countless tempting islands, and you have the recipe for a country that stands as a strong contender to host your honeymoon getaway this year.

So which places should you shortlist when attempting to decide where to cocoon after the hectic beehive of activity that will surround your wedding day? Allow us to do the hard work for you on this count, as we will highlight three islands that we think will win you over from the second that you set foot upon them.

Let’s get started!

1. Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande

Situated about 150 kilometres from Rio, Ilha Grande feels much further away from that, as there are no cars permitted, no roads, and no banks present (brings lots of Reals, as not all places take your Visa or Mastercard) here.

The glowing waters, soft sandy beaches and encroaching jungle of this place takes precedence over all these trappings of the modern world, allowing you to focus on what really matters in life: good food, good people, beautiful nature, and the love of your life being at your side to experience all of these things with you!

2. Morro de São Paulo (Tinhare)

Morro de São Paulo

Located in the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia, the island of Tinhare is mostly uninhabited, but in the northeast corner lays a village called Morro de São Paulo, which contains a string of sweeping coves which host blessedly underpopulated beaches that will make for romantic and introspective strolls on the beach that can stretch on as long as you desire.

Like Ilha Grande, there is no vehicular traffic, making for peaceful surroundings in the village centre, and when the time comes to actually do things outside your hotel grounds, the waters off the beach here are rife with many opportunities for snorkeling amidst colourful reef fish and coral formations.

3. Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha

Of the three islands mentioned here, Fernando de Noronha requires the most painstaking planning to land on, as it is a protected reserve where only 420 visitors are allowed at any given time. Being borne from subsea volcanic eruptions from a South Atlantic ridge hundreds of kilometres off the coast of Brazil, this UNESCO protected isle has a Robinson Crusoe feel about it W88. The water is extraordinarily clear and is filled with nutrients, making it filled with marine life such as manta rays, sea turtles and dolphins, which is a dream for would-be snorkeling couples. Accommodations on this low key island are of the bed and breakfast variety rather than massive hotel towers, giving your honeymoon here a more intimate atmosphere.

Brazil has a hideaway isle waiting for you both

Brazil Isle

While Brazil is better known for loud and passionate celebrations of life such as Carnival, it also has its fair share of quiet, low-key and contemplative getaways. Remote and relaxed, romance is allowed to blossom in the absence of distraction, making the islands listed above ideal candidates for your impending honeymoon this year.