Your Guide to Blackburn, Lancashire

Rich in history, saturated in culture Blackburn offers a great traveling experience

Blackburn is located in Lancaster established in the 13th century. However, there have been recordings of Blackburn’s presence since 1086. The town is known for its industry, specifically its textiles and brewing though prior to the 20th century the town was dominantly a mill town. Today, the town has grown into one of the largest towns in Lancashire. Yet, Blackburn is also very much a cultural town with cathedrals, museums, theatres, and parks. It is ideal for a holiday or for a day trip for yourself of the family.

How to reach Blackburn

How to reach Blackburn

Blackburn is located east of Preston and North of Manchester and Liverpool. You can drive to Blackburn using M65 or any of the connectors to it. Alternatively, you can travel directly to Blackburn by rail. Routes include Manchester to Blackburn, London Fenchurch to Blackburn, Liverpool Central to black burn, and Leeds to Blackburn. Tickets range from £16.20 (from Leeds to Blackburn) to £89.30 (London to Blackburn) and vary depending on the departing location and the class selection you chose. Keep in mind that railcard holders, seniors, and disabled persons can receive a discount during certain times and for certain events. Check with your desired station for specific information about your trip.

The Chocolate House

The Chocolate House

Most people love the smell of warm chocolate. The Chocolate house in Blackburn Lancaster offers you the opportunity to see how various chocolates are made. There are a number of different demonstrations available, each offering chocolate samples and hot drinks (which is the primary reason to visit a chocolate house).

The Chocolate house was established in 1983 by Susie Bristow and has grown over the 30+ years. The shop specializes in making unique castings of their chocolates such as motorcycles, bears, and tools, but offers the more traditional treats as well. And where this is a shop and the primary goal of the establishment is to sell you chocolates, it is also quite educational and fun. The Chocolate House is a great break from the busy day or for occasions when the weather dampers outdoor scheduled events.

Tours of The Chocolate House are offered for around £6 depending on the time of day. A buffet is offered as well as tea for an additional cost If you have a group which plans to visit The Chocolate House please contact them directly as you may be able to get a group rate.

The Husky Experience: Run with the Pack

The Husky Experience

If you have ever watched a snow dog competition or perhaps an inspirational movie with sled dogs, then you may have thought that it would be great to try to run with the pack one day. The Husky Experience: Run with the Pack offers you that opportunity. The experience takes a team of Siberian Huskies. You can opt for either the 250 Ribble Valley farm experience, or if you are feeling a bit more adventurous you can take on the 2000 acre Private Country Estate.

The Husky Experience does not expect everyone to know the commands and the protocol in running a team of sled dogs. Therefore, training and safety are covered in depth prior to the experience. The standard experience is about 2 hours long, but you can up the experience to a longer more adrenaline packed option if you so choose.

The Standard Experience is £99 for an individual with prices slightly discounted for multiple parties. Groups consist of six people so those which want to experience an individual experience should take note that they will be combined with other guests.

Blackburn Cathedral

Blackburn Cathedral

Blackburn Cathedral is one of the newer Cathedrals of England and so it has implemented a great many features which are not seen in the typical architecture of the other more historical Churches. At a first glance, the cathedral captures the historical exterior elements which is a common sight throughout England. However, the interior boast unique lighting and accents. During special events LED lighting and coloured lighting have been used to give a modern surrealism to the interior space.

Because Blackburn Cathedral is a functional Church, viewings and tours are scheduled at specific times. You are free to worship at the Cathedral if you so choose. If you wish to tour the church, please contact the events coordinator to find out availability.

These are just a few of the places which you can visit on your trip to Blackburn. Of course, there are a number of museums and standard attractions such as the Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery, Thwaites Empire Theatre, and the Blackburn Market. Whether you are looking for a day out to shop, to see a sports event at Blackburn Arena, run with the Huskies, or take a walk in a park, Blackburn is the perfect place to start your holiday.