ASA Bareboat Catamaran Cruising - Live Aboard

5 nights (Mon am - Sat am)


ASA 103, 104 & 114

Each ASA level has a written exam with continuous practical assessment.
Course Summary
This live aboard course combines the ASA courses 103, 104 and the 114 catamaran endorsement. Successful completion of this course will result in an ASA certification to captain a yacht or catamaran during a multi-day cruise and is generally considered the benchmark that all charter companies look for so you can charter a catamaran.
Course Details
If you have already passed your ASA 101 basic keelboat course and you’re keen to charter your own yacht, the next step is to continue on to the ASA 103/104/114 combo onboard catamaran sailing around the beautiful Virgin Islands. The course really does take your knowledge up a level as you gain greater insight into being a captain, as well as a skipper. We teach you in more depth how to fix engine problems, how to take into account tidal currents, what to do if you see another vessel with 2 black balls on display, and much more! After this course you will be ready to take your family out on a charter cat and enjoy what will change your vacation time forever.