Learn About Train Travel in Ukraine

Traveling in Ukraine is great experience. This Country has plenty to offer for sight gazer or history seeker. The best way to travel in Ukraine is by train. The main reason to Learn about train travel in Ukraine is because rail road in Ukraine is well developed and train has stops on almost every city. The cost of traveling would be much reduced if you decide to use train. Your trips would be easier to plan and it is possible to make it a day trip.

Ukraine has four types of train. Firmovyj (ukr. фірмовий) is an expensive train that provides you with better appearance and some advantage. Shvydkyj (ukr. швидкий) and passazhyrs’kyj (ukr. пасажирський) basically have the same service, but different speed. Passazhyrs’kyj is the slow one because it makes too much stops. Express (ukr. експрес) is best speed choice but it only contains seats.

Learn about train travel in Ukraine should involve train cars knowledge. There are several cars that available on Ukrainian trains. The first class train is known as Spal’nyj (ukr. спальний) or SV (ukr. СВ). The ticket is three times higher than second class. It can contain four people that divided into two lockable cabins. Table and free snack is something that you can find in this class.

The second class car is kupe/coupe (ukr. купе or купейний). It has reasonable price and sufficient comfort. It can contain four people inside the same compartment. Platskartnyj (ukr. плацкарта or плацкартний) is the third class that place people in open compartment. This class can contain 6 people.

Learn About Train Travel in Ukraine

If you learn about train travel in Ukraine you would find something unique happened in the morning after you use your available bedding that can be found on sealed plastic container in your cabin. This bedding availability is only provided for first or second class. In second class mattress usually used to replace bedding package. You should make the bed yourself on second class, but never on the first class.

Toilets or lavatory have far difference based on the train age. It is placed on each end of your carriage. Sometimes the lavatory doesn’t have signs. You should push the door to see if it’s occupied. You would need our own supple of bathroom need. Use bottled water to brush teeth and wash face.

Learn about train travel in Ukraine would reveal that air condition on Ukrainian train is bad. You would need to prepare several things that help you cope with heat or cold.