Learn About Train Travel in Mexico Train Service Choices

Mexico once had national rail road service but their government shut the system down several years ago. This leaves train transport business to private company. Three of them have scheduled departure. Learn about train travel in Mexico would involve private trains that can be charted to your needs.

Chepe service is the kind of train that you can use several cities on northwest Mexico. This train covers tracks between Chihuahua and Los Mochis. You can have their service in two types of train. First class (Primera Express) is scheduled for departure at 6 a.m. Economy class (Económica) departs at 7 a.m. Cars on the train only contain seats. Economy class can stop at any station within its service at passenger request.

Learn about train travel in Mexico would help you to blend in with locals. Experience locals train travelling is possible if you choose to ride on weekly train that only cover two cities. This train goes between Cañitas de Felipe Pescador to Torreón. Each direction has its own schedule on different day. The train leaves for Cañitas de Felipe Pescador on Friday and go back to Torreón in Sunday.

Private train is your other choice to enjoy Mexico. There are several companies that offer their service to travel between cities with tourism value. Canyon Travel is a service that takes you from Sierra Madre Mountains to Copper Canyon for sightseeing.

Learn About Train Travel in Mexico Train Service Choices

These private trains use the same railroad with scheduled train companies. They would provide you with better view and more things that you can learn about train travel in Mexico. It would give you comfort and special services that designed for tourists. This choice is something you should try if you visit Mexico for tourism.

Mexico has inner city trains. These rail networks are operated by the city. Not all big cities used their train tracks. These trains take people from downtown to central Mexico. It is a passenger train so you could expect the same situation that you commonly find in your inner city metro.

Using train for sightseeing is great. You can blend in with natives and feel what they feel. It is important to Learn about train travel in Mexico before you make this attempt. Find more information about the service on site. Most of these rail services have difficulty with English language. This case won’t happen in private tourism service. Mexican train is quite modern which can be seen on their lavatory and seat type.