3 Great Things To Do with Kids in Vienna

If you are in Austria with your children, you really must visit Vienna. This fantastic cultural city has far more to offer families than many people expect.

Here is our roundup of the best attractions for kids in Vienna.

1. Visit the oldest zoo in the world

Visit the oldest zoo in the world

If your children love animals a trip to the world’s oldest zoo, which is in the grounds of the Schönbrunn Palace, will be fun. It is small but there are lions, tigers and bears. The Aquarium and Terrarium house is a big favourite, and the birdhouse is unusual too.

The palace itself is a fantastic place to visit. There are extensive grounds for your children to explore and the option of taking a self-guided tour of the palace itself. You just download the tour to your Smartphone, in your own language, and go around at your own pace. When the kids are bored, go do something else.

There is a small children’s museum in the grounds, which is great fun. Kids can dress up in period costume and pretend they are imperial characters. You can also enjoy the traditional maze and unusual playground equipment.

2. Take your children to the opera

Take your children to the opera

In Vienna, opera is very important. It is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the city, and it is very accessible. The tickets are far cheaper than they are in most other places. Especially if you buy them from www.viennaoperatickets.com, and do so in advance.

Best of all, the city’s opera societies regularly put on performances that have been specially written for children. These performances really are the perfect way to introduce your child to this wonderful musical format. Generally, children’s performances only last an hour, so even your little ones will enjoy them.

3. A trip to the ZOOM children’s museum

A trip to the ZOOM children’s museum

The ZOOM kindermuseum is a fantastic place. You could spend days there and still not experience everything it has to offer. There are hands-on-exhibitions for the children to enjoy, a play area for the little ones, art workshops, an animated film studio and, occasionally science workshops.

If your children do not speak much Austrian, do not let that stop you from visiting this amazing museum. For children, language is not a big barrier. They will happily play with, and interact with, kids who do not share their language. Most of the staff speak some English, and the majority of the exhibits and workshops are more about doing and seeing than listening. You will have a good time for sure.

Vienna is very child friendly

Vienna is very child friendly

The city is very child friendly. It is easy to get around using the hop on, hop off bus service called the Big Bus, which most kids love.

Most of the restaurants cater well for children. They offer baby seats and child sized portions.

Many of the museums offer free entry for children. Some also provide special tours aimed at younger visitors.

Vienna really is a fantastic family destination.