Concessionary Rail Travel Greater Manchester

The Great Use of the Concessionary Rail Travel Greater Manchester

Travelling in such a metropolitan like Greater Manchester is really a joyful thing, moreover, if we can get all of the accesses over there to ease our travel especially for the transportation. Owning the concessionary rail travel Greater Manchester really can be so beneficial here. Some people might prefer the rail transportation since it offers more convenient and also faster service between the other transportations. So, here we are going to share about the use of the concessionary rail travel which can be applied in Greater Manchester region.

Before we go further, you might want to know several public rail transport services which are provided in Greater Manchester. There is a Manchester Metrolink which entails for 57 miles of track and 92 stops over the seven of ten Greater Manchester regions. There is also the commuter rail service which is operated by several train operating companies such as Arriva Trains Wales, East Midland Trains, First TransPennine Express, etc. So, these are the rail transportation service that you can ride on your travel in Greater Manchester.

The concessionary rail travel Greater Manchester itself can be in form of railcard. This card can be purchased by the people who meet certain condition and it offers the discount for every travel over a period, yet it is also available for a single travel. The detail of the concession’s type can be seen on travel ticket which works as the fare-reducing ticket.

Concessionary Rail Travel Greater Manchester

For the types of the railcard itself, there are several categories which distinguish the function. We can see several types of railcard such as 16-25 railcard which cost for £30.00 and works for between the ages of 16 to 25. The senior railcard works for aged people, 60 or over to be exact. The family and friends railcard which can cover dual ownership from the adult will also be very useful in accommodating your travel. The concessionary rail travel Greater Manchester has different amount of discount actually. It refers to rules contained in each cards after all.

On the other side, there are still numerous types of the railcard which can really accommodate our travel in Greater Manchester such as network railcard, disabled person railcard, trial railcard and many more.

The extra features of the concessionary rail travel Greater Manchester also let you to travel freely in certain schedule. If you meet the requirement as a resident of Greater Manchester and your pass is issued by Transport for Greater Manchester, you can travel freely on Metrolink trams between 9.30am and midnight Monday to Friday, weekends and public holidays.