Cost of Rail Travel in Germany

Some Tips and Tricks in Cutting the Cost of Rail Travel in Germany

German rail pass really gives you the best offer of having the unlimited train travel in Germany’s broad train network and even beyond. With the affordable cost of rail travel in Germany, you can even travel to more than 5,000 destinations. Along with its high quality service, you can even travel to several cities outside Germany such as Italy, Belgium, Poland, Austria and Czech Republic comfortably and safely.

So, here we are going to share about experiencing the amazing and extensive capability of the German rail pass effectively and efficiently. If you are interested with it, you can read the passages below which might enrich your travelling insight.

The cost of rail travel in Germany actually is not that expensive actually, even we can say the maximum service with the minimum cost. However, some people, tourists especially still make a mistake in selecting any rail pass. First, fill your flexipass with calculating the shorter day trips. Let’s say for any kind of a week trip with two short trips among it, you can prefer the point-to-point tickets. It is also better for you to divide the pass by the number of your travel days to consider whether you are going to optimize your trip. A rail pass also can cover for any multiple-country trip. So, rather than buying several high-costs travel days per passes, you better get a global pass or select pass with more of the travel days.

Cost of Rail Travel in Germany

For having a one-month trip, you can even cut the cost of rail travel in Germany with the continuous pass. You can just replace your one-month pass with the three weeks or 24-day continuous pass and end your trip in the destined city or in a country where your pass cannot cover. Plan your pass to worn out in the destined place so that you can get a few days without using the rail pass. No seat reservation system for certain destinations will also allow you to have more free days to spend though.

Some rail passes also contains the bonus rides on it such as boat, bus and the other non-train transportations. Eventually, it is quite similar with your rail pass, so the previous tricks work for any non-train trip.

More tricks for buying point to point train tickets in Germany, you can name kids under 15 with the parents name to get free ticket. You can also have the sparpreise discount which will cut your cost of rail travel in Germany up to 50%. The slow train special and Bahn Cards also will make your travel easier in Germany.