What’s Inside Al Andalus Luxury Train Travel in Spain?

Every country has its own way to attract foreigners’ view about the beauty of their country. It is not only about the island, city, or travel objects, but also some offers from travel agent that will bring the foreigners or tourists feel more like at home or even more relaxing than that. One of the offers of this country comes from the train travel agent. One of countries in Europe that will bring us into another wonderful dream is Spain. Spain has offered train travel concept by bringing luxury as the project. Luxury train travel in Spain has many services to be brought to the customer or passenger.

That service that has mentioned includes the all of inside of the train. One of the luxury trains that will be our focus is named Al Andalus. Al Andalus, at first, has a lounge, bar, and restaurant in it that were built in France around 1929-1930, but now it has been restored to the original splendour. Al Andalus has about seven beautiful renovated sleeper carriages and five of which are original from 1929.all of the suites that Al Andalus has are individually air conditioned. It also has about twelve junior suites that each of which has two lower beds, a safe, closet, and a large bathroom.

What’s Inside Al Andalus Luxury Train Travel in Spain

Al Andalus has a super standard suite, named Gran Lujo that amounts to twenty and each of which has a double bed, a mini bar, safe, closet, full toiletries in bathroom, and a third bed. It also has about four wonderful longue cars that are used as restaurants, saloons, and lounges with music recital are given in these cars. Other services that are offered by Al Andalus as a luxury train travel in Spain is the catering which can make the passenger or customer feel more refreshing than they could be dreamt.

The catering that is meant can be in form of a full breakfast that is served everyday on Al Andalus while lunches and dinners are usually taken at local restaurants, the traditional meals that you can taste originally from Al Andalus, and many more. Other than the services inside the Al Andalus, the route as the luxury train travel in Spain also feels interesting when the customers or passengers can freely choose the route of the journey by themselves.