How to Make a Family Holiday Stress-Free

While the prospect of escaping the humdrum of everyday life this coming half term is an attractive one, the rigmarole of travelling with kids can put many parents off – particularly if the travelling amounts on any substantial length of time. Taking to the skies and enjoying the sun, sea and sand of Spain or the fun-filled magic of Orlando would be a great excuse to spend quality time together and would be an even more attractive prospect if you knew that the kids wouldn’t act up during the journey.

May is a perfect time of year to retreat to warmer climes – many countries boast pleasant weather that isn’t too sweltering, with a cooling sea breeze in the air too. If you do decide to take the plunge, head online to one of the reputable travel agents to secure an awesome last minute deal for you and your brood. Booking online can also open up some web exclusive discounts that you wouldn’t find on the high street.

Taking the stress out of the journey from the moment you step out of your front door is the key to ensuring the holiday is memorable for the right reasons. One idea is to book an affordable room in Gatwick airport go to, where you can find some great value family rooms, a stone’s throw from the departure lounge. Travelling to an airport hotel the night before is becoming more and more popular with families who want to take the edge off travelling and will mean that on the morning of your flight, you have less distance to go. While the kids may not be able to sleep a wink because they’re too excited, there won’t be a tinge of stress because everything will be there and ready to go.

Don’t panic about getting stuck in traffic on the motorway or leaving your passport on the kitchen table – airport hotels take any of this unnecessary stress away.

Family Holiday

Once everything is booked and paid for, check the validity of your passports well in advance. Bear in mind child passports are only valid for 5 years and they all need to have a minimum of 6 months remaining on them, from the date you land back in the United Kingdom. If you know in advance whether they need to be renewed, at least you have the time to sort it without worrying.

Make use of the cabin baggage allowance and remember that every child who has their own seat has their own allowance penulis artikel. Consider a Trunki for the fun factor and pack it with plenty of things to keep them occupied – colouring books, stickers, board games and handheld consoles will help to keep them busy during the hours in the air.

Pack some of their favourite sweets too (obviously, check any restrictions) – they’ll be a huge help and will prevent tears during landing, when ears popping are inevitable.

Most important of all, relax! The key to a stress-free break is if the parents are chilled and laidback. All that’s left then, is looking forward to the departure date!