3 Best Caribbean Island Honeymoon Destinations

With most of your major wedding arrangements set in stone, there remains just one last aspect of the whole rite of passage to consider: where will you two lovebirds go for your honeymoon? The choices were many, but after weeks of debate, research and daydreaming, you’ve managed to narrow it down to a region at least, as you are now looking for an amazing Caribbean island where all your cares and concerns will fall by the wayside (at least for a few weeks!).

Your choice of region coincides beautifully with your favourite travel company, as a couple of your friends have planned honeymoons with Thomas Cook, and their experiences with them in this region were nothing short of extraordinary. With this shining endorsement, all that is left is to pick an island that meets both your needs for luxurious digs, seductive scenery, and blissful seclusion.

With that in mind, we have come up with 3 islands to consider for these amorous purposes, as they all boast amenities and qualities that will have you fawning over your destination, as well as each other!

1. Barbados


Among all the Caribbean islands, Barbados has a well-deserved reputation for luxury, which will have you have you both sitting in the lap of luxury from the moment you set foot within your well-appointed resort. With vaunted hotels such as the Southern Palms and The Club Barbados taking care of your needs, you will be free to spend your days lazily snorkeling in the effervescent waters off the impossibly white sand beaches, or lounging poolside in the sizzling Caribbean sun. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious during one of your days here, make time to tour the Mount Gay Distillery, home of Barbados’ most famous rum brand!

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2. Antigua


Antigua is well noted for its sailing culture, as not only do many yacht and sailboat owners from aboard dock in its many coves, but there are also many local ships that can be hired for a sail around this deeply beautiful place. For those more apt to cling to the shore, the melange of colours that the offshore reefs create will make you and your partner openly muse about how many shades of blue and green are possible, as you slowly sip back your champagne to prolong the moment. Jolly Beach and The Verandah resorts are both excellent places to partake of this bit of tropical island voyeurism, as they match their impeccable location with world-class amenities.

3. St. Lucia

St. Lucia

While you may have not heard of this Caribbean island before sitting down to research a honeymoon destination, you will both be trumpeting this place’s praises upon your return, as you will be welcomed to your resort by a visage of the imposing twin peaks, Gros Piton and Petit Piton. This symbol of a tiny island nation was formed by volcanic activity long ago, and while it has been dormant for a long time, the heat that burns deep within the earth will help kindle the fire with your relationship, as it fuels hot springs nearby. Those that enjoy decadent spa treatments will love Coconut Bay Resort, but if you like easy access to area beaches and the ease of an all-inclusive package, then St. James’ Club will be a better choice for the two of you! wisata magelang

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Planning a honeymoon can be fun, but if can also be a very complex endeavour as well. With these suggestions, we hope that we have gotten you over the final hump as you plot out your Caribbean honeymoon!